You'd Like Your Own Business But Daren't Take The Risk?

It's Too Scary To Contemplate Letting Go Of Your Salary?

You know you can’t let go of that monthly salary. It’s there every month, ready to service all your Direct Debits, the mortgage, loans, utility bills, and all the lifestyle stuff you’ve accumulated, which pretty much equate to the greater part of your earnings. The thought of it not being there is too scary to contemplate?

But You Like The Idea Of Unlimited Earnings Potential?

On the other hand, you love the idea of living life on your own terms? The idea of unlimited earnings potential?

You know you’re really good at your job and you feel completely secure. In fact your job feels like it’s almost effortless because you’re so good at it. The problem is, the job still takes up a great deal of your life and no matter what you earn you still manage to spend the greater part of it. Yes, you get to take holidays but they still have to be planned around the agenda’s of others.

You Know You're Wasting Your Talent Making Money For Other People

Deep inside you know you’re wasting your talent. You’re spending your time making more money for other people than you are for yourself. People often ask you why you do it but you tell them you enjoy your job. Yet there’s still that under-utilised entrepreneurial part of you that loves the idea of working for yourself.

Your employers are appreciative of what you do and your salary reflects that but you know you could do more. There’s no way you’d have the capital to fund a business like the one you work in and if you could, the amount you need would equate to overwhelming risk for your family. It would probably put your relationship under stress and you just wouldn’t want to take that risk.

What If You Could Start A Business Whilst You Still Have Your Job?

Suppose someone built a successful business and let you become part of it? Would that be more appealing? 

There is a company who have created a business that’s already very successful. That business utilises lots of the skills you’ve accumulated over the years. You’re creative, good at motivating others, you’re enthusiastic, you’ve got an interest in personal development. You love sharing that interest with other people. There may be something you enjoy doing outside of work and you’d love to turn that into a business but you don’t know how to start.

Well, here’s the thing, there is such business and they will let you use their blueprint to build your own business, ‘around you’ without many of the risks associated with traditional start-ups AND although it does require some initial investment you can start small and build. Like a franchise but without the enormous initial investment. Yes, it does need some time, and you will need to learn some new skills but you’ll be able to work it around what you currently do. You’ll have all the coaching and training you need. 

Would that be interesting? You can find out more and decide if it’s right for you, by watching this video:-

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Tresha Wallace - 23 October 2014 Reply

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    Chris - 23 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks Tresha 🙂

Dean - 23 October 2014 Reply

Great blog Chris it’s so good that you are giving people the opportunity to build their own dream business.

    Chris - 23 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks Dean 🙂

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