What Every Blogger Needs

30 days of blogging?  No problem (I lie) how difficult can that be?

Well, I can’t speak for everyone else involved but for me, this 30 day challenge with the SFM has been challenging.  Yes, I’ve got into the habit but, I’ve concluded, it’s not one I particularly enjoy and it takes up a great deal of time.

Many of my colleagues have risen to the challenge admirably and are producing consistently valuable information.  I’m super impressed by their content, they write with a warmth and generosity of spirit that’s simply dazzling.  Well done guys.  Personally, I feel years of composing formal business letters in the Finance Industry have got me into the habit of writing with about as much warmth as you’d expect from your tax inspector.

Back to the challenge.  A few of us dropped out in the very early stages, obviously recognising it was going to be more work than they first anticipated.  Others have missed days and are catching up.  The rest of us, still quite a lot, appear determined to see it through to the end, although I suspect, like me, some of them are feeling a little jaded.

In a former life, I was an Estate Agent (Realtor to some of you).  What I learned from my days as an Estate Agent was that I would have ‘super creative days’ when I could think of something entertaining to say about even the dullest, most mediocre of properties, without committing the (UK Criminal) offence of ‘mis-description’ .  There were other days however, when frankly, I was in CBA (can’t be arsed) mode.   

Instead of ‘“imagine snuggling up in front of that exquisite fireplace, log fire blazing, on a cold Sunday morning” I’d write “ornamental fireplace with open fire”. I soon learned not to force myself to write if I wasn’t in the mood. It was counter productive to selling houses.  Fortunately invariably, CBA days would be followed by creative ones.

Stuart and Jaymillionaire mentors in my digital business) teach us how to recognise these creative moments and how to put ourselves in a place where we’re more likely to be creative.

With a week still to go, this is what I’ve learned from the 30 day blogging challenge:-

It takes a great deal of time to write good quality valuable content, (I know because I’ve yet to produce some!)

I feel sorry for journalists and writers who write for a living and have unavoidable deadlines, how hard must that be?

Sitting in front of a computer waiting for inspiration is not a recipe for success.

Research can be a huge distraction and consumer of time.

So, this is my idea of what every blogger needs -……. Ta Da!…… a plan – namely:-

Find some very good blogs in a very specific niche (whatever it is you’re passionate about)

Gather as many ideas for posts as you can which are on topic and relevant

Outsource the writing of those posts to someone who writes in that niche & get them to write a series for you

(you could try Fiverr, Fivesquids, Elance etc –  in the SFM we have a direct linked to outsourced writers)

Or you can simply get on and do it yourself but only when you’re in a VERY creative mood

Happy Blogging 🙂

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Steve Greenhalgh - 25 October 2014 Reply

I Think what every blogger needs is a Good BJ
Now I mean a Blog Journal ! I keep one … I have over 150 titles at any one time some of these are sketched out, some are literally a single sentence or even simply… “Zig Prime T’pump”
That is all I need to produce a blog including an embedded video and a few comments

Some times I will have so much stuff in one title it allows me to do a mini series

Horses for courses… but at least with a good BJ I can save up creativity for The CBA Days 😉


Steve G

    Chris - 26 October 2014 Reply

    Good point Steve 🙂

Tim - 25 October 2014 Reply

Nice post Chris. Yes there’s noting worse than trying to write when you’re not in the mood! I use those creative days to double up on my blogs and save the extra ones for my CPA days! Don’t tell anyone!

    Chris - 26 October 2014 Reply

    Another good tip! Thanks Tim 🙂

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