The Secret To Generating A Six Figure Income From Your Blog

What’s your motivation for blogging?

How To Generate A Six Figure Income From Your Blog

Is it:-

- for fun?

- as a hobby?

- you’re passionate about what you blog about?

- simply to help others?

- to earn money?

- for some other reason?

Or is it a combination of the above?

People love the idea of being able to blog about something they love and earn money from their passion and that’s why they got started. If that’s the case the ‘blogging’ is the easy part of the combination, the hard part is the monetisation.

Blogging in itself never really occurred to me as an ‘occupation’ but when I got involved in the digital economy and learning how to make money online I began to see blogging in a different light.

It reminded me of the time years ago when I was a Business Broker. I was an employee of a company who acted as Business Transfer Agents in the UK. So, in my role as ‘valuer’, I visited lots of different small businesses.

It was astonishing to discover just how many had set up in business without any real concept of how much they could actually make from their chosen ‘niche’. So the reality was that they were often working incredibly long hours for such low profit margins that they would have been better off having a job.

That’s where the similarity comes in, because unless you want to go the way of those small businesses, earning a pittance, for a lot of hard work, you have to discover how to get the highest return from your blog.

The main ways you can make money from a blog are:-

Advertising - allowing others to advertise products and services on your site

Offering your services - selling your time/expertise

Selling your own digital products - courses, e-books etc

Selling your own or sourcing & selling other physical products

Selling other people’s digital or physical products (known as affiliate marketing)

The reality is that unless you have a lot of traffic to your site, you’re not going to earn much in advertising revenue and sites can look very ‘spammy’ and become annoying with lots of ads.

Offering your own services, is limited by how much time you have and therefore lacks scalability but if you’re very good at what you do then you can possibly command high rates.

Selling your own digital products is an excellent way of making money however it does take a lot of time and effort to create them.

Selling physical products can be profitable if you use fulfilment services such as Fulfilment by Amazon.

If you already have good traffic to your site and a list of subscribers then affiliate marketing can be very profitable providing you are marketing ‘high ticket products’ but you have to be very confident in the value offered by the products you’re promoting.

That’s how I came to be involved in blogging, but I did it the other way around. First, off, I started to look at how I could earn a serious income online. I came to the conclusion that selling other people’s products and services was the best route for me but I needed to find products that I was utterly confident in, from people with the same ethics and values as me. Products that delivered the highest possible value and offered commissions that were worth having (I can earn up to $8,000 just from one sale).

What I found ticked all my ‘boxes’ and came with the unexpected benefit of an entire, worldwide community, of new friends 🙂  I was looking for recurring income as well as commissions on sales and also a range of products. So if you really want to earn money from your blog, I highly recommend you get the same video training series that got me started in my online business, it’s completely free, there's no obligation to buy anything at all and  you can decide whether or not promoting it is right for your blog

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