The Chance of Your Existence? 1 in 400 Trillion

Can the maths be right? You're that special? The chances of you being here, on the planet, right now are 1 in 400 trillion?

We’re on a minuscule planet in a unimaginably vast universe amongst billions of humans.

Humans have been on the planet for around a quarter of a million years, and here you are with your unique combination of atoms, right now.

So maybe those are the odds of you being here. Google the question “what are the chances of me being here” and 1 in 400 trillion is the answer you get.

Who cares about the maths, what's simply amazing is, that you're here, on this planet, right now.

This moment in time when the possibility to do be or have anything, has never been greater.

You have virtually limitless knowledge at your fingertips on a digital device, you can learn anything, starting right now.

Celebrate the fact that it’s extraordinary that you’re here, be grateful and do something special with your life. After all……........

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