The Apprentice – Love it or Hate it?

I subscribe to a newsletter by an affiliate marketer called Martin Avis, who can always be relied upon to offer some amusement.  This is what he wrote about the Apprentice recently and it really made me smile:-

“The latest series of The Apprentice started last week here in the UK. I wonder if the contestants in the American version are as mind-numbingly stupid as ours are?

The prize is for Lord Sugar to invest £250,000 into the winner’s business idea (in exchange for 50% of their company) but to be honest I wouldn’t want to waste more than a pocketful of loose change on any of them!

Where do they get these self-aggrandizing, arrogant, talentless schmucks from anyway?

Do they run ads in the papers with headlines like, ‘Are you a brain-dead moron with delusions of grandeur? Call this number.’  Or ‘Can you win first prize in a talking twat contest. Box No…’.  Or  ‘Can you speak a constant stream of utter bollocks while wearing a suit with no socks – if so your country needs you.’

It is a genius concept: pit a bunch of fools against each other, film their every inane action and absurd utterance, edit the whole thing to make them look as bad as possible and indulge in a glorious set piece where Lord Sugar ritually humiliates them all before summarily dismissing one (or two). It is the lowest form of TV. It has nothing to do with business, really: it’s nothing more than a modern-day gladiatorial punch up with Alan Sugar pointing his finger at the end instead of gesturing with his thumb.    The funny thing is though … I love it!  “

I confess, I completely agree with him, I love it too, I find it fascinatingly exasperating.  I don’t watch much television these days but I don’t like to miss it.  My partner on the other hand can’t stand it, especially when they all squabble amongst themselves and talk over each other.

What I find the most exasperating is when they take absolutely no notice of the market research and go off on a tangent of their own.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far in my digital life is you can never guess what will appeal to the market, all you can do is test, tweak and find out but that’s all part of the challenge 🙂

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Trev Wilgrove - 24 October 2014 Reply

Good post. I like The Apprentice too. But yeah, where do they get them from? 🙂

    Chris - 24 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks Trev.
    Come to think of it I guess the SFM is one big online apprentice challenge, but for more mature applicants! 🙂

Pete kaufmann - 24 October 2014 Reply

I watched the first one the other night. . I can’t believe that they went through a selection process to get on the show. What must the rejected ones be like. .

    Chris - 25 October 2014 Reply

    They’re probably the really super bright entrepreneurs who won’t make idiots of themselves or good TV but, on the other hand, I dread to think 😉

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