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So how much do you really want a change of lifestyle?  In this post you’ll find out:-

How much you really want a change and if you do want a change, the secret single VITAL ingredient that will ensure you succeed in making that change.

So before I let you in on the secret ingredient bear with me because I need some input from you.  Yes, it’s a sort of interactive blog post 😉

By the way I take no credit for this technique I got the idea from Dr Steve Peters & his book The Chimp Paradox he’s a Consultant Psychiatrist whose techniques help British Olympic Athletes.

There are three questions below and they concern how you earn a living right now.  Answer them with total honesty. No one is going to see your answers except you unless you choose to share of course.  Get a sheet of paper & make three separate lists on it as we go along.

  • 1)  What do you absolutely love about what you do for a living?  What things do you really enjoy?

(For example you might say I really enjoy the company of  my colleagues or I love my company car or if you’re not working, that you enjoy not having to get up early). So go on, list everything you can think of that is enjoyable.

  • 2)  Next list: What’s not so good about it?  What do you tolerate because of the things you listed in 1) above?

(For example:- I don’t like the long hours, or the commute or compliance or if you’re not working – maybe you’d say ‘I miss the status I had’).

Write them all down, as many as you can think of.

  • 3)  Now, your third list, write down what is absolutely unacceptable to you & you can’t change. What gnaws at you constantly, worries you and you cannot tolerate.

(For example:- I hate not being able to take time off when I want, I hate being away from my family, I hate worrying about my financial future).

Write the list.

Now, cross out 1 and 2 because they don’t matter. You can live with them.

What you need to concentrate on is 3) because unless you take action to sort 3) you’re NEVER going to be fulfilled in what you’re doing.

So assuming you’ve got a 3) and congratulations if you haven’t, the question is how BADLY do you want change?

How hard are you prepared to work and focus to make change happen?

So, have you guessed that secret ingredient yet?

It’s YOU.  Only YOU can do this.

You have to take action, you have to show up, you have to do the work and make the hours you put in productive.  Just as productive as you are at work the day before you go on holiday!  You know, that concentrated effort that makes you zip through a week’s work in a few hours? You’ve experienced that right?  That’s what you need to bring to the table.

If you want to create a lifestyle with more personal freedom and the idea of a ‘digital business’ appeals then my colleagues  & I can help.  We can teach you the necessary skills but you must show up & take consistent action.

It’s a bit like a gym membership, paying for it won’t get you fit no more than joining us will get you rich, if you don’t SHOW up!

If you do show up, work hard, follow our step by step plan and take consistent, massive, determined action you cannot fail.

Now, I know lots of you reading this will think “way too much like hard work” and that’s cool, it’s just not for you and you clearly don’t need change badly enough.

However, if you’re still with me, excellent :).  You have the right mindset.  When you find yourself at one of our training events sat next to people just like you, who are earning tens of thousands of pounds a month you’ll soon get excited & focussed.  They’ll tell you how they’ve done it & they’ll help you, we all will.

How do they earn that much? Well when you join us you’ll find out that as well as learning online marketing you get the opportunity to market  our products with commissions ranging from USD 20 to USD 8000 – we do the selling for you!

Come & find out more here, do your due diligence & see what you think.  If it’s not for you that’s totally fine. Check it out here:-

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