Procrastination – why do we put things off?

So there I was dripping with guilt at not blogging on a regular basis when the challenge came to blog daily for the next 30 days. The fact is I knew it was something I should and could do but I just kept putting it off. Why? Well probably because I could always find something more interesting to read or do than the discipline of writing every day. I excused myself by finding things to do in my offline business and doing just the things I enjoyed in my on-line business.

I’m also at my best under pressure. Especially if I’ve promised someone else I’ll do something, one of my tenants for example, I do it immediately.   So I just kept reasoning with myself that I’d get round to this blogging business eventually when the time felt more ‘right’. Frankly I knew I was deluding myself. What I really needed was a good kick up the bum so when the challenge came to blog for the next 30 days I decided it was time to get my act together and actually show up every day in my online business blog.

After all, it’s not that I can’t string a few words together. I spent many years of my working life (in the off-line world) as an Estate Agent (Realtor to you guys in the States) and it’s a bit of a given that you have to be able to describe the property you’re trying to sell.   It’s just like writing several blogs a day all on different properties.

Describing property can be a challenge in itself. There are laws in the UK to protect the public from being mislead so you have to be careful what you say. It wasn’t a problem for me because ‘up North’ where I come from, we’re known for our plain speaking.   My approach in Estate Agency was to tell it like it was.   If I said the roof timbers were only in situ because the woodworm were holding hands, purchasers soon got the idea. Better they knew what they’re letting themselves in for at the outset, than spend months in negotiation to have them withdraw at the 11th hour due to ‘rose coloured spectacle syndrome’.

It’s that sort of straight talking that led me to become involved with my mentors Stu & Jay. I’d always wanted an on-line business and I’d tried a few other courses but they were all full of hype and frankly misleading statements about earning money online. No-one does that at the SFM, at the outset we’re told that there’s work to be done and stuff to learn and it’ll take some time and yes, sometimes you’ll have to put yourself under pressure and a little out of your comfort zone but for me, nothing beats the freedom of working for myself, I just love it and so to this blogging challenge? Bring it on 🙂

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