Make Friends with Stress

The video below, could save your life.

Learn How To Stop Stressing That You're Stressed

The video below will teach you how to stop stressing that you're stressed.

It's not the stress that's the problem, it's how you perceive stress.In this TED talk Psychologist Kelly McGonigal describes how new research shows that it's not how much stress you experience, it's how you think about that stress that matters.

If you change how you think about stress you can change your body's response to it. A study of 30,000 adults in the USA has shown that people who had a lot of stress but did not believe it was harmful had the lowest risk of dying from stress, lower even than those who experienced little stress in their lives. So how can you stop yourself worrying that you're stressed?

Start to view stress as your body being energised and helping you to rise to challenges. Stress is the 'biology of courage'. If you've ever felt calm and in control in a really stressful situation then you have already experienced this, it's your body using the biology of courage to your advantage.

Use that memory of calm to trust yourself that you can handle all life's challenges.  Oxytocin is a hormone released when we're stressed in the same way as adrenalin.

Oxytocin is a natural anti inflammatory and the heart has receptors for it. It causes the arteries to stay relaxed. This hormone also induces us to strengthen close relationships and create empathy. It's the 'cuddle hormone' it helps us support others and reach out to get support ourselves.

So chill out for 15 minutes and watch the video, it could save your life 🙂

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