Is it Coincidence or is There More to It?

You think of someone and then they call you or email or you bump into them somewhere. Does it happen to you?

The times I say to my friends “who needs a phone when we’ve got telepathy” because I was thinking of them the second they called or I’ve reached for the ‘phone to call them and it rings before I get chance to dial. Why do I still say ‘dial’?! Anyway you know what I mean. Sometimes I’ll be just about to email and they pop into my inbox. It happens often but usually it’s people with whom I’m in fairly regular contact.

Last week it was different. Completely out of the blue, I thought of someone I hadn’t seen in 30 years, I have no idea why she came into my head. 24 hours later that same person messaged me. She'd suddenly thought about me but she took the thought a step further and searched Facebook. I sort of take the ‘telepathy with friends’ in my stride but this was just plain spooky. Back in the 80’s my friend and I shared an office in a large firm of Estate Agents and we got on well. She left and took a job in recruitment and I stayed with the same firm but went to manage an office in another city. We didn’t live near each other, there was no internet in those days and we completely lost contact.

So, we exchanged a few messages on Facebook, discovered we lived about 30 miles apart, and agreed to meet for lunch. We had a lovely lunch, it was like no time had passed, we were still the same two people who enjoyed each other’s company, the 30 years melted away. We talked non-stop for 2 hours, only scratching the surface of the lives we’d each lived since we’d last met.

I could have stayed all afternoon chatting but my friend had to go back to work. I’m always grateful for the life I lead, that I can please myself when and where I work. I stayed in the restaurant for a while after she’d left and caught up on a few emails and then I went for a browse around the shops before a leisurely drive home though the beautiful autumn countryside.

During our lunch my friend told me that she and her husband have a dream to live abroad, somewhere that they’ve already chosen but she didn’t see how they’d ever escape their respective careers to live it. I know I can help them fulfil that dream and I'm excited for them and they don't even know it yet.

Our lunch wasn’t the time to start explaining the business model I follow but I know beyond a shadow of doubt that the dream they have, is a perfectly suited to that model. I have no doubt that they can make their dream a very successful reality. If you’re curious about that business model and you think you might like to change your life, stop wasting time.......... meet my friends and mentors, Stuart & Jay:-

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Patricia Goodman - 30 October 2014 Reply

Chris, I can really relate to your story. It’s funny how so much time can pass, but when you see old friends, who you have shared so much of your life with, it’s as if you saw them just yesterday. I have dinner plans with 2 old friends from grammar school. Can’t wait to catch up with them again.

    Chris - 30 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks Patricia, hope you have as much fun reminiscing as we did 🙂

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