“I will do this if it kills me.”

Are you like me?

If I'm up against it, and the Universe knows I have been; my 'go to' mindset is "I will do this if it kills me". 

I recently learned a new acronym.  It was used in a wonderful rant about Orange Donald - FUBAR. According to Wikipedia it stands for "fucked up beyond all recognition" and is said to date from WW11. Beyond doubt it describes the world economy as it is evolving right now.

Now, I know there might be some of you out there with delicate ears and conservative/religious sensibilities who cringe at a 'senior' using what they consider inappropriate language, so I apologise if I've offended you, but I can't think of anything more appropriate than FUBAR in the circumstances we're facing right now.  

My personal  acronym is  "I will do this if it kills me" IWDTIIKM - it's served me well; but for that mindset I wouldn't in a position to survive the coming crisis and be able to solve my problems which were precipitated by the last financial crisis!  I'm also eternally grateful for the help I've had over the last few years from a couple of mentors, called Stu & Jay.

If you're looking for an alternative way of earning a living now, and you'd like to benefit from their help and an amazing team of people they've gathered around them, I'll introduce you right now on condition that you bring your IWDTIIKM mindset with you 😉

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