How To Build Your Own Portable Business

If you were taught how, do you think you might find a few customers out of a potential 3.4 billion people?

By 2016 the United Nations estimates that 45% of the world’s population – 3.4 billion users will be able to access the Internet using laptops, tablets, mobile phones & other smart devices.

Instead of reaching for the Yellow Pages, we now reach for our laptops, tablets and smart phones (that are never more than 3 feet from us!) to find goods, services, education and information online. The growth in online consumer transactions and transactions which start online as ‘Google’ or other queries, and result in offline business, is unprecedented.

The possibility of becoming involved in these billions of transactions is not restricted to multi national companies, not even national companies, or small businesses. It is possible for individuals to access these vast markets and we are not restricted by Country boundaries or currencies.

The routes to these markets, online, are numerous and varied and it is possible to target ‘niche’ markets like never before. Using Facebook for example, it is possible to target nearly every woman aged 35 in the US, who wants to lose weight. The latest statistics show there are over 1.1 billion Facebook users in the world.

Not only is it possible to buy any sort of physical product or service online, it appears we humans cannot get enough information. Whilst there is a huge amount of ‘free’ information online, people are more than willing to pay for information, when they believe it will solve a problem for them, whatever that problem may be.

These digital ‘information’ products can come in the form of the written word, videos or sound files. Once they are created, they can be sold time and time again, there is no need to carry stock or worry about postage, packing and shipping. Forget bricks and mortar, rent and rates, light and heat, take your portable device anywhere in the world you can get a Wifi connection (Starbucks for example) and you’re in business.

Better still, you don’t have to create the products yourself. It’s possible to sell other people’s products as an ‘affiliate’ or sales representative, in the same way a ‘commission only’ sales rep would sell a physical product in the offline world.  If you’re thinking you have no sales experience, no problem, you don’t have to meet anyone to sell to them ‘face to face’, you just need to know how to enable your potential customers to find your products or services.

The skills to ‘selling anything’ online can be learned. You don’t need to have any technical ability but you do need to be willing to be ‘coached’ and to have some time available to learn. If the idea of having a portable business has fired your imagination, you can get more information and meet some experts who teach their skills to others, right here.

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