How I Overcame My Battle With Addiction

Don’t worry, not that you were worried, but maybe just a little curious?  I do like a glass of wine (or two) but the nearest I’ve come to drugs is running a Hostel for Homeless Drug Addicts.

I’ll tell you about my addiction in a minute but before you go assuming I’m some sort of Saint or mad woman for even thinking of housing drug addicts, I’ll briefly tell you how it happened.  I love helping people to move forward in their lives, but this has always been with a financial focus, I enjoy showing people how they can earn more, be and do more.  Housing homeless heroin addicts happened completely by accident!   

In the early 1990’s my partner & I found a large 10 bedroomed terrace house that needed renovation.  We offered low and it was accepted – £44,000 (around $66,000 US)  At the same time we discovered that the local Council would pay £85 per room per week (that’s about US$140) for providing specialised accommodation for homeless people.  We got a mortgage and started renovations (that’s our other business – property) and set about creating a ‘homeless paradise’ and ended up with an income of £3680 ($5500) a month & a mortgage of £200 ($300) a month, not bad eh?  

We’ve never been into ‘slum-lording’ so our hostel was just lovely.  We had it filled in no time, mainly with ex-prisoners with alcohol problems.  Our tenants loved it, it was a safe and happy environment and for a few years everything went swimmingly well.

Then suddenly it all changed.  It seemed the only homeless people who were being referred to us were addicts and although they were often really nice kids, they would steal ANYTHING for a fix, they just couldn’t help themselves.   One of them told me that being addicted was like having the worst job in the world.  You woke up feeling so dreadful that the only thing you could do was go out to work (i.e. to steal) to get the money for a fix to make you stop feeling so ill.  It was a treadmill you just couldn’t get off and those who glibly said ‘just stop’ had no conception of the magnitude of the problem.  The drug addicts stole from our alcoholics and the alcoholics weren’t daft enough to hang around, they got out as fast as they could.

I went to a major Drug Charity for advice & was told every hostel in the City was suffering the exact same problem.  Bizarrely that made me feel better, knowing that it wasn’t just us, completely out of our depth!   Addicts need an incredible amount of support and we just didn’t have resources or experience to help.   We decided to sell and I can’t tell you what a relief it was to see the place close.  We sold the house to a Buddhist sect and it became a haven of peaceful tranquility again, filled with meditation and candles.

So what’s my addiction? OK, I confess, it’s Shiny Object Syndrome :))  Try as I might to stay off mailing lists and not get tempted, they still sneak their way in and yes I read them and if I think they may help, I cannot resist.  Especially software that does things better, faster, easier but my ‘scammer’ radar is far better tuned these days and the make millions in a few weeks ‘gurus’ get binned.  I would say though, if you’re looking for a genuinely useful course, that teaches you how to build your own online business and comes complete with amazing free software, you won’t go far wrong with this one.  It’s the one I use and strongly recommend.

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