Gone Girl

I have a confession to make.   Yesterday, instead of doing my daily blog, I absconded from my laptop and went to see Gone Girl at the cinema.

I’ve recently (belatedly) read the book, a best seller, which came out a couple of years ago.  Very briefly if you’re one of the apparent few who hasn’t read it, it’s a crime thriller, I would say it describes how we never really know anyone until we live with them and how we never show our real selves except to those with whom we are really close.  I loved the book & having had a quick skim through serious reviews it appears to have courted quite a bit of controversy.  Personally I just think it’s a good tale about extremes of behaviour.

At the end of the book the writer Gillian Flynn mentions she’s working on the screen play and when I noticed it was showing at our local “Everyman” cinema (they have squashy comfy sofas where you can put your feet up and cocktail tables for drinks and snacks) I couldn’t resist taking the afternoon off to go and see the film.

I have to say I found the film little slow at first and wondered if my other half would get bored, but he didn’t and said he’d really enjoyed it.   I always find books better than films but that’s just me and if you haven’t read the book you probably wouldn’t find the start slow.

I didn’t check how long the film was and it was well into the evening by the time we’d had a meal and a couple of glasses of wine, so I never got back to work.

I’m so grateful that I’m able to take time out from my business, pretty much whenever I choose.

Do you get the luxury of just being able to go to the Cinema on a whim on a weekday afternoon?

If you don’t then maybe it’s time you thought about working for yourself in the Digital Economy?

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