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If you’re wondering if joining me at the SFM is going to be right for you, then you might have some questions, hopefully most of them will be answered in the following videos but if you have any others, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll try to help.

How Long Will It Take To Get Set Up?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Kind Of Support Do I Get?

Do I Need To Sell SFM Products to Make Money?

Do I Need Any Previous Experience?

Am I Too Old For This?

Do I Need To Do Any Personal Selling?

Is This An Internet Scam?

Do You Do Live Events?

How Quickly Can I Make Money?

Do I Need A Marketing Budget?

Can I Do This Around My Job & Commitments?

What Type Of Products Can I Sell?

What Makes SFM Different to Others?

Why Educating Yourself Is Important

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