Do you feel it’s too late to start afresh or build a business of your own?

Do you feel trapped by your income?

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received, was from a very successful entrepreneur called Alan. Not ‘Sir Alan’ (!) but a similar character.   I worked for Alan and he said I should start a business whilst I was still employed.   He knew I wanted to work for myself but he also knew that I had mortgage and other commitments I had to cover.  Alan had built a business whilst working for someone else and he generously, actively, encouraged me to do the same.

Alan had had the full support of the company who employed him.  They knew he would still do a good job for them even though he was simultaneously working for himself and he trusted me to do the same.

Not long after the advice from Alan, an Accountant and a Lawyer who were in partnership, came to me with a business proposition.  They said if I sourced property renovation projects and managed them, they would do the funding and the legal work and the profits would be split in equal thirds.  It was a dream offer for me and it worked incredibly well until the market eventually crashed.  Even then, we were lucky & got out whilst we were still ahead.

Looking back I was fortunate because there weren’t many businesses that suited being employed and self employed at the same time.   Not a bit like today’s Digital Economy, when there are the most incredible opportunities literally in the palm of your hand, on a smart phone, every day!  You just have to gain the knowledge to make it happen for you in a way that fits in with your own circumstances.

Had the Six Figure Mentors existed then I know Alan would have encouraged me to get involved because it fits in so well with his philosophy.  So, if you feel you’ve got an unexploited, ‘inner entrepreneur’  & you’d like to start a business whilst you’re still employed, you might like to check out our training, it’s right here.

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