How many of us tolerate the life we are leading with the mindset that things can only get better in the future?

Ask yourself these questions and see how many times you answer ‘yes’

  • Do you really enjoy what you do every day?
  • Do you bounce out of bed full of joie de vivre and look forward to your working day?
  • Do you crave weekends?
  • Do you commute and if you do is it an enjoyable journey?
  • ​Do you find it a joy to spend most of waking hours with your colleagues and/or clients?
  • ​Does your working environment fire your creativity?
  • ​Do you have to take work home?
  • Do you feel you have enough time to spend with your family and friends?
  • Do you earn enough not to worry about your financial future?
  • ​Do you feel confident you will have a good income in retirement?
  • Do you feel your work/life balance is balanced?
  • Do you get to take all the vacations you need as and when you want?
  • Do you get to take time off as and when you feel like it?

How well did you score?

The reality is that only a minority, 13% worldwide according to Gallup, genuinely enjoy what we do every day but we feel we have little option but to continue down our chosen path. Once a course has been set it, takes a considerable amount of determination and courage to change horses mid stream.

We often choose careers at an early age and sometimes when we are still quite immature. Then we become financially trapped in those careers because our lifestyles reflect our income.

We comfort ourselves by looking forward to some future idyllic lifestyle where we can do what we want, when we want.

If we suddenly find ourselves without a job in that chosen career and have to enter a desperately competitive market to try and regain our original status it’s a confidence shattering, traumatic and scary experience.

If we consider re-training it’s a daunting prospect, particularly as it’s likely to result in a fall of income in the time required for full time study.

Does these considerations sound familiar?

In this video by Adam Leipzig he describes what he says is the shortest way to find your life purpose. You can use it to see if you’ve found yours:

He asks these five questions:-

Who are you

What do you do?

Who do you do it for?

What do these people want or need?

How do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

I asked a friend of mine, a Criminal Defence Lawyer who is deeply unhappy in his career, to answer the questions. His answers are below (for reasons that will become obvious, I’ve changed his name)

Who are you? I’m James

What do you do? I’m a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Who do you do it for? Rarely the innocent, mostly criminals

What do those people want or need? To avoid going to prison or being fined

How do they change or transform as a result of what you give them? They don’t.  When I'm successful, and that's quite often, the vast majority of them go on to re-offend.  Our Justice system does little to prevent or help them

The fact is there are lots of people, like James who are disenchanted with the path their career has taken.

On a more positive note, my response to Adam’s video was:-

I show disillusioned professionals a way to earn multiple streams of income in the digital economy. Enabling them to live a life of personal freedom, profiting from doing things they enjoy.

I’m part of a community of mature, enthusiastic people, frequently from professional backgrounds, who help and encourage each other. We were brought together after coming across a series of videos about a unique ‘state of the art’ online business model. We all follow a blueprint and with lots of support & coaching & we help & encourage each other.

Our business model requires some spare time and some money to invest in our education. This business isn’t for everyone so there is an application process. If you think you might be interested in finding out more, you can get access to some informational videos here, there’s no charge whatsoever and they give a complete overview of our business model.

We all look forward to meeting you 🙂

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Tim - 13 October 2014 Reply

Great post Chris, think there are a lot of disenchanted people out there! I was one of them!

    Chris - 13 October 2014 Reply

    Me too! 🙂

Agnes - 13 October 2014 Reply

Brilliant, Thanks 🙂 Will go through step by step again on a quite night 🙂

    Chris - 13 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks Agnes, yes if you watch Adam’s video and follow his format, it’s a good exercise to do so you can explain quickly and easily what you do for a living.

Greg & Fiona Scott - 13 October 2014 Reply

Gosh 13% of people love what they’re doing is a very sad stat – what is society coming to.

You build a very good case Chris for having an online business and partnering with positive like-minded people 🙂

    Chris - 13 October 2014 Reply

    Yes, I know it shocked me when I read it & I think the point that Adam makes in the video is a very valid one, people who’ve had the opportunity to work in creative things they love doing are more likely to enjoy their work. It certainly works for me.

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