Why I Paid $25,000 To A Stranger I Met Online

Are you thinking “this woman must be crazy?

She meets some guy online, she doesn’t know from Adam and hands over $25,000?

Yes, it’s true and it took me only a couple of weeks to make the decision.

So why did I commit this potential act of madness?

Well, I’ve worked for myself for almost 20 years. I’ve done lots of things in life, mainly in the property business. I’ve been an Estate Agent (Realtor) a Business Broker, a Property Developer and a Portfolio Landlord and during the financial crisis I ran a Mortgage Brokerage with my sister from offices in my home.

In 2008 when the world was in financial meltdown my Mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given only a few months to live. She was 86, my Dad was 88 and until then, they’d been married for 61 years and were relatively independent.

Sadly, my Mum passed away just before Christmas 2008, as she was dying, so was our business. There were no mortgages to be had and the property market had stagnated. The business didn’t owe any money so it was a simple matter to close it down, early in 2009.

I wasn’t ready for retirement though, far from it. My Dad wanted to stay in his home and be as independent as possible but I knew that would mean that he would need lots of support.

Getting a job in my late 50’s was out of the question. I was far too used to being my own boss and the thought of being at someone else’s beck and call was my worst nightmare. A job would never pay what I was used to earning but more importantly, I’d be losing my freedom.

I needed to be able to work from home as I had with the Mortgage Business, so I could work when I pleased and be able to help my Dad with whatever he needed at a moment’s notice.

In the next few years I investigated various business models. I considered Franchises but they almost always involved traditional business hours, and I would have to deal with premises, staff, stock etc and the good Franchises involved massive investment.

An online business seemed to be the perfect solution but I had no products or services to offer and I didn’t know where to start. I could see the benefit of affiliate marketing (selling other people’s digital products online) & purchased various courses to learn how but more often than not I would get a refund because almost all of them were either out of date or full of hyped up nonsense that didn’t remotely make financial sense.  

I’d just about given up hope of ever finding anything suitable when one day I came across a video of the guy in the photo at the top of the post - Stuart. For the first time since I’d started on my journey of looking for an online business here was someone who was finally making financial sense. Remember, I told you I’d been a Business Broker, I actually sold businesses for a living so I had more idea than most about what constituted a good business model.

I still had a lot to learn (I’m still learning every day) but despite that, I’ve now earned thousands of dollars online (which I’m happy to prove, if anyone needs proof) and so have many of my colleagues, with Stuart & Jay’s (his business partner) business model & training.

So what didn’t I bargain for? Well the whole package isn’t simply online business training, it’s an entire hybrid of personal development and entrepreneurial mindset training. I had no idea how many new friends I would meet all over the world all learning the same thing and sharing information and encouraging each other as they go.

Not all of us start by diving in and investing $25,000 as I did, that was my decision based on my due diligence and previous business experience.

Some of us just start with some free training to see what it’s all about and go from there and even if they do join us, they start with a much smaller investment.

It’s worked so well for me that one of my best friend’s daughters has joined the business and she loves it as much as I do. By the way, there’s none of the that selling to friends and family nonsense, it just happened that my friend mentioned to her daughter how much I loved what I do and she thought it may be something her daughter would enjoy and she was right.

If you’re interested in what persuaded me to get started, it was a video

just like the one on this page

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Michael Hart - 27 February 2017 Reply

Hi there,
It’s 10.30 pm on a Monday night here in NZ and I’ve stumbled as you said on to you through a link on Pinterest, a place I escape to now daily because of my interest in photography,design, architecture, especially the post modern era and my general love of all things digital that are there to make us think out side our box.

    Chris - 28 February 2017 Reply

    Hi Michael, good to meet you 🙂 Agree with you completely, I’m just the same, love all things digital & Pinterest. I think I’ve learned more in the last few years online than in all the previous ones put together!

Helene Moussa - 4 March 2017 Reply

I would love to find out more about your business model and be involved. I am 64 years old and always worked in my own business. In the past run a coffee shop and sold food in markets. Now I am into art and crafts and am about to start a blog to sell my craft. It’s hard to make money the way I am going and would like to start a different way and not work so hard for little money. Also, I would like to introduce my two sons, 35 and 33 years old if possible because they are working hard landscaping and bar work even after going to university and not getting a good job. I love your way of thinking and am eager to see your other videos. Thanks for being so generous and sharing.

    Chris - 4 March 2017 Reply

    Hi Helene, thanks so much for your comments. We do have lots of’ family teams’ working in our business so it’s definitely worth finding out if your sons would be interested. Stuart does a webinar that you might like to join, you can choose what time suits you, just click (or copy and paste) this link: https://escaping925.net/webinar Kind regards, Chris

Stuart Aiton - 4 March 2017 Reply

I’d like to know more.

    Chris - 4 March 2017 Reply

    Hi Stuart, I’ll email you, just replying here so you know to look out for it 🙂 Kind regards Chris

Joel - 5 March 2017 Reply

would love to learn more , tired of working for someone else

    Chris - 5 March 2017 Reply

    Hi Joel, I’ll email you, just replying here so you know to look out for it 🙂 Kind regards Chris

Logan - 6 March 2017 Reply

Would like more information please!

    Chris - 7 March 2017 Reply

    Hi Logan, thanks for your interest, I’ll email you, look out for it in your inbox. Kind regards Chris 🙂

Douglas Tinning - 6 March 2017 Reply

Winsome video, brilliant technique. Cheers mate.

    Chris - 7 March 2017 Reply

    Hi Douglas, I’ll pass the message on to Stu, thank you 🙂

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