Canva -The Best Ever Free Graphics Tool Just Got Better

Even if you haven’t got a single artistic brain cell and you have no reason to ever create a single graphic you need to check out this website, simply to admire the software.

On the other hand, if you do have to design a report for work or your child needs something for their homework or maybe you’d like to put a personalised post on Facebook for a friend’s birthday or some other event, then you need to check this out.

I say it just got better, because now they’ve brought out an app for iPad. Another thing I love about this site is the quick tutorials they send to you via email so you can learn how to make your creations look even better.

I am not affiliated to this company or website in any way, I was a regular user of Photoshop until I discovered this site and now I’m just simply in awe as they keep introducing new features. Photoshop rarely gets a look-in these days.

You can upload your own photo’s to use in your graphics but they also have a huge range to choose from which cost only $1 each, thereby avoiding the risk of any copyright infringement if you don’t have a relevant photo that belongs to you.

You’ll find it at and now it’s also a download on the App Store. Enjoy