I Will Do This

“I will do this if it kills me.”​ Are you like me?If I’m up against it, and the Universe knows I have been; my ‘go to’ mindset is “I will do this if it kills me”. I recently learned a new acronym.  It was used in a wonderful rant about Orange Donald – FUBAR. According to […]

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60 Great Freelancer & Outsourcing Websites

Feeling Overwhelmed?60 Great Freelancer & Outsourcing Websites Feeling overwhelmed?  Need some help?  You don’t have to do it all yourself!  The sites listed below cover a wealth of different disciplines.  These are places where you can get work done or find work.They’re mainly for online tasks for example building websites, building apps, graphic design, articles […]

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Why I Paid $25,000 To A Stranger I Met OnlineAre you thinking “this woman must be crazy?She meets some guy online, she doesn’t know from Adam and hands over $25,000?Yes, it’s true and it took me only a couple of weeks to make the decision.So why did I commit this potential act of madness? ​​Well, […]

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2008 Financial Crisis

Property & Mortgages – The Worst Businesses To Be In During The Financial Crisis October 2008I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed, as I was in October 2008.  My Mum had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour 4 months previously and my dining room had been turned into her bedroom.  Doctors, Palliative Care Nurses, Care […]

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Are You Stressed By Normal?

Stressed by 'normal'?

Is there something better out there for you? Is ‘normal’ taking it’s toll on you?You’re sick and tired of the same old routine but can’t see there can ever be an end to it?No viable alternative in sight, short of some unexpected windfall of lottery millions magnitude?A Viable AlternativeWhen I started looking round for an […]

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The High Ticket Advantage

​Affiliate Marketing – The High Ticket AdvantageWhen I first looked at Affiliate Marketing and if you don’t know what it is, the easiest way to describe it is acting as a ‘commission only sales representative’ online, I checked out, as people often do, Clickbank. This is how Wikipedia describes Clickbank:-“ClickBank is a privately held online marketplace […]

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Feeling Slightly Embarrassed

I posted some of these pictures to Facebook the other week with the title – “Did a bit of painting this afternoon ;)”Naively thinking that my little wink emoticon would ensure that people would realise I’d not actually got out the old easel, canvas and water colours. They took me all of a few minutes […]

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Struggling To Find Below Market Value Properties?

Does everyone else seem to beat you to it? Finding it a puzzle? How do others find them?Maybe you haven’t been buying property long enough to have established a relationship with any Agents or perhaps you have, but people still get there before you?A Solution – How To Find Below Market Value PropertiesSupposing you could […]

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Make Friends with Stress

The video below, could save your life.Learn How To Stop Stressing That You’re StressedThe video below will teach you how to stop stressing that you’re stressed. It’s not the stress that’s the problem, it’s how you perceive stress.In this TED talk Psychologist Kelly McGonigal describes how new research shows that it’s not how much stress […]

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