Are You Stressed By Normal?

Stressed by 'normal'?

Is there something better out there for you?

Is ‘normal’ taking it’s toll on you?

You’re sick and tired of the same old routine but can’t see there can ever be an end to it?

No viable alternative in sight, short of some unexpected windfall of lottery millions magnitude?

A Viable Alternative

When I started looking round for an alternative income/career I wanted to find something I could do using my laptop and an internet connection, so I could literally work from anywhere.

I always felt trapped in an office environment, I clearly remember thinking when I started my first job after leaving college, “is this it?” Am I going to be stuck in an office all day, every day, for the rest of my working life with someone else dictating what I do and when I do it?

I did eventually manage to find a career that took me out and about, but it was still traditional business hours, with a ceiling on my earning potential.

It wasn’t until I  found an online solution and started to earn money that I knew I’d found the perfect business for me.

Personal Time Freedom

The personal freedom aspect for me is massive, now I can literally work from anywhere, anytime I choose, as long as I have a decent internet connection and my laptop.

Learning Within A Safe Community Environment

I’m part of an entire community of positive, enthusiastic people, often from professional backgrounds, who help and support each other.

We’re a diverse bunch, from every ‘normal’ occupation you can think of and some you can’t!  We all have different reasons for our wish to escape the traditional routine and we were all looking for ‘something better’.

Some of our community are Mum’s who simply want to spend more time watching their children grow up and not handing them over to child care workers.

Some of us, already have businesses and are looking for other income streams.

We were brought together after coming across a series of videos about a unique ‘state of the art’ online business model.

A Blueprint To Follow

We follow a blueprint designed by two experts in the field of online business. We get lots of support & coaching & we help & encourage each other.

You will need a good work ethic and time to learn and some money to invest in your education and your eventual business, but you can start small and grow. 

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