Are you guilty of putting things off?

My Mum was a bit of a – no, I’ll rephrase that – a lot, of a disciplinarian.

She loved us to bits but she was very demanding when she wanted our help.

“Please” wasn’t a word she used when making her demands

However, she did have a sense of humour, and as a teenager I bought her a cartoon white board for the kitchen. It featured the Snoopy character & the heading “now hear this!” and space beneath for her to print her orders.

Dishwashers didn’t exist in England in the 60’s, well they might have, but not in any home I ever visited. Washing the dishes was a task that fell mainly to me because my only sibling, my sister, is eight years younger.

Mum would bark the “wash up” order but I didn’t exactly jump to it.

I dreaded washing up, because in making a meal my Mum would use every pan and dish we possessed and create scenes of devastation in the kitchen.

We both knew I’d get there eventually but I wanted to do it in my own time, not the second the order was issued.

I usually had my head stuck in a book and at least wanted to finish the chapter I was reading.

Mum would get more and more irate and then out would come the famous saying “thinking about it’s worse than doing it”.

She was completely right, once I got my teeth into the job I’d even go so far as to say I quite enjoyed making order ,out of the chaos, in our kitchen.

Have you ever had that feeling where you dread a task and then when you actually get going, it’s not as bad as you imagined?

These days if I find myself resisting something I say to myself “thinking about it’s worse than doing it” and I just get on with it.

When you work for yourself you’ve got to be careful you don’t let yourself off the hook.

Not having the threat of being fired when you don’t do something isn’t hanging over you but not getting the lifestyle you dream of, is.

Not taking the steps to get started on being your own boss is even worse!

Have you got started on your digital life yet or are you still thinking about it?

Now hear this! ;)………. you can get started right here:-

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