30 Reasons Why You Should Escape Your 9-5 Routine

If you’ve ever dreamed about working for yourself, here are 30 good reasons that might help motivate you to take the steps to plan your escape

1    You'll feel more in control of your own life and destiny

2    You can work wherever and whenever suits you

3    There’s no limit to your potential earning capacity - you’re in command of the income streams

4    You’ll enjoy your business because it will be built around the things you love doing

5    You’ll set your own priorities

6    You can schedule your working day around your family not your family around your career

7    Your income streams will be working for you whilst you sleep, when you’re on holiday and when you’re simply enjoying yourself doing other things

8    No two days ever need be the same unless you choose them to be

9    No one else has control, it’s all down to you

10  If you feel like a day off, you can take it, although you’ll love what you do so much it’ll be hard to drag yourself away!

11  You can work to your strengths and outsource what you don’t enjoy

12   No more miserable commuting

13   There’s no office politics to concern you

14   The hours you work can be as long or as short as you choose

15   The targets are the ones you set yourself not those that have been imposed on you

16   You’re working in harmony with your own ethics and values not someone else’s

17   You don’t have to answer or cover for other peoples mistakes & errors

18   You can eat and drink whenever you like, in fact your diet becomes healthier because you’re not grabbing unhealthy snacks

19   No one’s ‘breathing down your neck’

20   You can dress however you like

21   You can choose projects you’ll love, not ones that are handed to you

22   You don’t have to wait for decisions from others to progress, they’re all yours

23   You’ll maximise your creativity, be able to turn your ideas into reality and keep all the credit!

24   No need to ask for time off or worry that your vacations will coincide with anyone else’s

25   Learn a whole new skill set and how best to manage your own time and motivation

26   No one looks at their watch when you’re running late

27   You can go out for a walk/drive when you choose, clear your head or create ideas for your business

28   You can play the music you enjoy whilst you work

29   Your family will find your 'less stressed self' easier to be around

30   You’ll be more ‘present’ for your friends and family

Don't know where to start?

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Hayley McKeever - 4 October 2014 Reply

Great post Chris! Lots of perfect reasons to get out of the rat race and build your own future 🙂

    Chris - 5 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks Hayley, I’ve been 16 years out of the rat race and I’ve never regretted it for one second, even when things haven’t gone smoothly, I’ve still been incredibly grateful for my personal freedom.

Tim - 4 October 2014 Reply

Great post Chris! I love lists like this they are great motivators! I’ve got a post similar to this of my Why’s! Great to look through when things aren’t going so great too!!!

    Chris - 5 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks Tim, my biggest ‘why’ for getting involved with SFM is to stay working for myself & to have the freedom to do it from anywhere in the world.

Barbara - 4 October 2014 Reply

Great post! Just confirms why I am transitioning into working on my business full time. So many benefits and I get to experience true freedom. It is an amazing and empowering feeling. Thanks for sharing.

    Chris - 5 October 2014 Reply

    Barbara, all I can say is keep working at it because it is SO worth it 🙂

Greg & Fiona Scott - 4 October 2014 Reply

ouch! that post packs a punch. Have to agree with every single point tho, having slogged away on the corporate treadmill for 25 years – and lived life on our terms for 5 years since 🙂

    Chris - 5 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks guys, I enjoyed writing it because I know what it feels like on both sides of the fence, nothing would induce me back into the corporate world!

Ian Lloyd - 5 October 2014 Reply

Great list … I was sold after the first 5 🙂

    Chris - 5 October 2014 Reply

    Thanks Ian! 🙂

Steven Lucas - 5 October 2014 Reply

Hi Chris,
What a fantastic list of reasons. This is something I will have to print out and pin up to remind me that I need to keep on keepin’ on!

I’d love to write more and contribute something to the post but I just have to sit in awe. Thank you.

Steven Lucas

    Chris - 5 October 2014 Reply

    Steven thank you so much and all the best with keepin’ on! Speaking from experience I can only say it’s all worth it 🙂

Agnes - 6 October 2014 Reply


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